Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've Done It Now.

Okay, I have officially jumped on the "blogging" band wagon and have set up a blog. This blog is going to be mainly for keeping in touch with family and friends and randomly sharing "scraps" of our daily life. Which may or may not be of importance to you. Please feel free to share comments about my blog-I want to hear from you. This is just an introduction post right now. I am just learning how to do this blog thing.

What's been going on in the Grounds' life, you may be asking. Well here it is: Chris is now a foreman at McKinstry working under our friend and neighbor, Dave Smith. Chris is in charge of a finishing up a job while Dave went to start a new job. Once Chris is done at his job, he will go and join Dave at the new job site.

Kelly is playing the trombone (not in band yet-6th grade) and taking lessons on it. His trombone teacher says that he is a "natural" at the trombone which can be a very difficult instrament to play. He was involved in the Boeing After-School Science Club this winter quarter and also participated in an afterschool book club. He loves school and all subjects except writing (although it is hard for him, he does a very good job). We need to get him back on the golf course soon so he doesn't loose his swing.

Peggy just finished up her Campfire Candy Sale in Feb. She managed to sell 405 individual units of candy and earned a ride in a limo to the "Super Seller Event". We did a lot of selling in front of stores and at a couple of Retirement homes. It was a challenge but she/we did it! She is loving school also and doing well. She loves to read and is crazy about horses and "WebKins". She spends a bit of time on the computer at the Webkins site, Discovery Kids, and PBS kids.

I'm still an OT from Prov Home Care--going through LOTS of changes at work. We are now under a big Providence Health System umbrella and having to deal with cooperate stuff. We will be getting a new software program that is going to be shared by all the Prov Home Cares and Hospices of Washington. My boss has been pulled away from the office and her duties and is strictly working on this new software program, helping build it from scratch. We have been super busy with patients too (we even had to cut off referrals for a week). I have been busy decluttering, having Chris paint the laundry room/entry and upstairs room, and repurposing the "guest room" into a "Family Hobby Room". One corner is Chris' computer and HAM radio stuff, one corner is my Scrapping Area, and we have put a table in there for the kids to do crafts, and Kelly to work on his remote control car. It has turned out very nice.

I will be starting an online photography course next week and am looking forward to it. Still loving my hobby of photography and scrapbooking.

Well, this was a bit more than just a "scrap of life", but I wanted to get you caught up to where we are. Hoping to get some pictures up in the near future.



Margaret said...

It great getting to see what you're all up to! I'll be checking in regularly ;o) Kisses from France!

mdr said...

Are you taking the advanced photography course at BPS? I am and just wondered if we'd share a course again! Are you doing LOM again? Are you coming to Scrapfest in Chelan this year? So many questions - right? Enjoy the blog world! Michelle in Chelan