Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day--Day 3

Yep! That's right...the kids have had 3 snow days in a row so technically, Winter Break started 3 days early!!
Snow Day--Day 1, I worked, kids went to my mom's and shoveled snow, played in the snow, decorated gift bags, and drove mom crazy to the point she was calling me asking when was I going to pick them up.
Snow Day--Day 2, SNOWING outside, supposed to all day. I took a snow day to stay home with kids. Kids did a few chores in the morning, then after some lunch, played out in the snow, came in for Hot Cocoa with marshmallows AND whipped cream, back out to play, and played until dinner. Chris came home early because it SNOWED all day and the roads in Seattle weren't looking too friendly. He went and did some Christmas shopping and pick up some items from the grocery store. Had grandma and Marley here for a spaghetti dinner and to celebrate Chris' birthday with his favorite---Dump Cake.
Snow Day--Day 3--My day off, kids begging to go outside before doing some chores around the house. I'm stuck at home awaiting a delivery from UPS for a replacement backsplash on the damaged sink for our remodel project. We will decorate the tree and living room (finally) and wrap some presents, make some tags from here and here, and when Chris gets home...hit the stores without the kids to finish up some shopping. Also, sitting on pins and needles awaiting online shopping deliveries....some that should have been here yesterday and some that are hopefully arriving on Monday. Cross your fingers.

Here are some pics to share.....

The Hunt is on.....

Snow Much Fun

Sorry about the quality--didn't take time to edit.

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