Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flooding Update

Thought I should put in an update regarding our family room situation. We hired our "Bathroom" guy to come and fix us up. His "workers" (as Peggy calls them) came out and removed all of the old firring strips and tar paper. Then they sealed the cement floor, put down a new layer of "felt" and put in new firring strips 16" on center. Then they put in hard foam insulation strips (Kelly thought they were using space ship materials) and put down 3/4" plywood floor. We had them adjust the stairs to the family room by cutting out a portion that infringed on the entrance to the bathroom. Our contractor guy (Norm) came a few days last week to patch up the drywall where they did some cutouts to make sure things weren't wet.

Chris got the painting done today. We are expecting the carpet guy tomorrow after work to lay down the new pad and the "old" carpet. Once that gets down, we will have it cleaned as it has been rolled up and sitting in the garage for about 3 weeks (since it was dried out). I keep hemming and hawing between tile and vinyl flooring in the bathroom. We have have vinyl left over from the laundry area and tile from our bathroom. I want to keep this little bathroom our '57 chevy theme. We had black and white flooring in there originally. I went ahead today and spent $$ on some black and white tile
1 foot square pieces of smaller pieces pieced together. It will be very retro when it is done. Chris is going to install it. Should be fairly easy to do since everything is out of the bathroom right now. He stills needs to throw a coat of paint on the bathroom walls.

Once the carpet is clean, we will reclaim our furniture (I hope). I have not heard anything from the company that removed it to "dry it/store it" or what ever they were doing with it when they took it out our home. Or the insurance company for that matter (only the "structual" damage-that we had to fight for). I am going to go through and inventory the stuff that is still here (brand new reams of paper, picture frames, things that were stored in cardboard boxes that didn't make it and get it to the insurance company. Hopefully they will make good on it.

I kind of wished our funiture was ruined-I would love to update our couch and love seat. Oh well.

Can you believe that we have actually been without TV since Sept. 3??? Okay, Chris did bring in lawn chairs and hooked the TV up for a Husky Game and a Seahawks game the next day. But other than catching the ND vs UW game at mom's we have not had TV. Oh, and the Wii works on a 13" TV. Mario Kart racing has been keeping the kids and Chris entertained. I did have Chris and Kelly watch NCIS on the computer with me a couple of times. We look kind of funny all gathered around a laptop!

Instead of TV, I've been scrapping! (and getting in trouble for ignoring my family) I am participating in a Lay Out A Day (LOAD) challenge. I have completed 11 days straight of Digital layouts-because they are a lot easier to upload, you have seen some of them here on this blog.

Well, I'm rambling....Bye...hope to have a family room in a week or so!

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