Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct-14-LOAD 09

Oct-14-LOAD 09, originally uploaded by scrapperann.

Almost halfway through the challenge and I haven't missed a day yet! I was the 1000th post and won a prize with my Oct 12 layout! Having lots of fun exploring digital scrapbooking but I am not going to give up the paper scrapbooking.

Beside scrappin' going on at our house, the carpet has been put back down and was steamed cleaned today. I am trying to get our furniture back that was taken by the drier-outer people. As I mentioned before, Chris and I have some tile to lay and I have a trip to IKEA to make (we are going to get a new computer desk-I picked out the EXPEDIT 2x4 with desk attachment). Kelly wants to come along for the Swedish Meatballs-you can tell he is almost a teenager because his mind is always thinking about his next meal!

Kelly scared off our contractor who was going to come today and finish the trim on the stairs. When he found out that Kelly was home sick with a fever today, he emailed me and asked if he could postpone. He is going to be spending the weekend with his elderly father who is frail and doesn't want to take the chance to get him sick. I had to laugh a little to myself and I don't blame him.

We had the BIG H1-N1 talk at work today. Absolutely no employee with a fever accompanied by sore throat, upper respiratory involvement (ie cough, congestion), aches and pains, and fatigue is NOT to come to work at all! Let's hope Kelly keeps this stuff to himself!

Going to leave you with that. Have a great weekend.
-Ann and Kelly bye

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