Thursday, November 5, 2009

Making History...

Yesterday morning the phone rang around 8:30. It was a number that I did not recognize but I answered it anyway. It was Kelly's band teacher, Mr. G. "Are you sitting down?", he asked. "Umm, yes." I said. He continued, "You have one of the best trombone players in the state of Washington! Kelly made it into the Junior All State Band as a 7th grader!" "Wow, what an honor." I replied.

Yep, our 12 year old, 7th grader sent in an audition tape (one of 1004 7th and 8th grade musicians to do so) for the Washington Music Educators Association's Junior All Sate Band and was accepted. This was the first year that the WMEA allowed 7th grade students to try out. Kelly was the only 7th grader that his teacher suggested to try out.

Kelly's first words to me when I got home from work yesterday were, "I made history today. I am the very first 7th grader from Evergreen to try out and make it into the Junior All State Band." The principal of his school, Dr. Stewart, came into his band class and congratulated him in front of his classmates.

In addition to Kelly, two 8th graders also were accepted into the Junior All State Band. They get to go to Yakima, Wa for a Saturday all day rehearsal follwed by a concert during President's Day Mid-Winter Break. This is the WMEA's conference weekend. So we have our rooms booked and are ready to spend the weekend in Yakima.

Go Kelly-We are so proud of you!
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Congrats to Kelly!