Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 11

Busy Saturday at the Grounds' residence. Chris had to work (good for wallet/bad for tree time) so the kids and I and Aunt Jami went Christmas tree hunting all by ourselves. We did a pretty good job if I say so, but this is the first time Chris has missed out in our 22 years of getting a tree! We paid extra and had the trees bound--made it much easier to keep them on the back of the truck. After dropping off Aunt Jami and her tree, we headed back to our house. The kids weren't very happy when I announced that we were all going to clean our rooms (me included). Peggy and I were the only ones to finish--Kelly is still working on his (3 days later). Chris got home and we had a very nice family dinner before Kelly and I got dressed up and headed to the Symphony to see (hear) Romeo and Juliet....I'm happy that he enjoys this. A stop at Dick's for a milkshake for Kelly and a real HOT FUDGE sundae for me ended our day. 

Still doing the December Daily...
December 11, 2010

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