Friday, March 4, 2011

Only the Beginning...

Yes, I am still talking about Beginnings...An update about that first "Beginning". I really got into the whole "Move" thing for about 23 days...then I got discouraged. I was moving every day and eating healthy so I thought, but the scale wasn't moving. I wasn't expecting great things to happen, but at least to see a little nudge to the lighter side, but no dice. I was actually going up on the scale and had noticed that it was starting to be a trend. So I stopped "moving". I decided to go to my doctor to see why I was gaining weight and felt as puffy as a puffer fish.

That was the beginning of a bunch of tests and follow up doctors appointments. First it was a blood test. Then a spirometer test. Then another blood test. Then it was time for answers (or no answers).  Cholesterols good, blood pressure good, oh...blood glucose looks a little high, lets test again but this time, lets test your A1C.

That was the beginning...the beginning of 2 new medical diagnoses for me and a new way of life. I have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II and with Asthma.

So, I have begun to test my blood sugars, count carbs, and go to Weight Watchers. I am learning a lot. I am learning that I really like my carbs. I am learning that eating the right way needs to be a balance. I am learning that it hurts to prick my finger. I am also learning that my blood levels are all over the place. It is only the beginning.....

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