Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ann's Theory on Evolution.

Why is it when you start a project, another project evolves from that project and pretty soon you seem to have too many things going on at once! Here at our house: 1) Finally fixed the walls and flooring in the laundry room/entry. Okay, time to paint. Well, we might as well paint the vaulted ceiling and other walls in that area. Well, the wall on the little stairs continues to upstairs so we paint that hallway. Ceilings look bad too, no wait, lets get a new overhead light fixture for the laundry room, oh and we should get a new "spotlight" since that one looks so outdated oh, can't forget the outdated ceiling fan. Now painting the laundry room evolved into a complete re-do there. However, the ceilings, light fixtures and fan (need to buy) still need to be completed. I just "kind of" finished painting the cupboard doors (still have the insides to do but I wanted them up and out of the way). Laundryroom/Entry-UNFINISHED. I was taking an online scrapbooking course-"Get Organized and Be Inspired" so we had a time table to start the re-do of the upstairs guest room which is now the family "hobby/craft room". (Scrap space COMPLETE-Chris' space and storage areas-UNFINISHED). Moving the full sized bed into Kelly's room, made "that project" evolve into removing and rearranging furniture in Kelly's room (thank goodness we don't have to paint!!!!). Time to declutter in there too-JUST STARTING. The topper is the BATHTUB that needs replacing since last MAY (it's cracked and patched with a boat patch). It's not just the bathtub, it's the drywall too-NEXT IN LINE after Kelly's room. If money allowed, it would evolve into a remodel where we would be closing in the doorway to the kitchen to make that hall area a double vanity area for the bathroom, allowing privacy for someone to shower or use the toilet while someone else was brushing their teeth,doing their hair, or putting eyeballs in. And if that happened, it would evolve into a kitchen remodel since there is a new wall where a doorway used to be. So, I guess what I am saying is that every project we seem to conquer in this house evolves into a much larger project or into an entirely different one and nothing ever seems to get finished. And Why? Just so we can have something to do and never have a house that is "all put together". Maybe by June we will put the last check mark by COMPLETED and have everyone over to see the new digs. Oh, and by the way, we should probably paint the family room, living room, kitchen, hallway and our bedroom (which we haven't painted) since they need it too and we don't want any room to feel left out of the evolution process.

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