Sunday, April 13, 2008

Limos, Red Carpet, and Magic

Yep. That's right folks. What a day we had today! Miss Peggy received the Red Carpet treatment today at Campfire's Super Seller Event. Because so many of you supported her efforts to sell 400 units of Campfire Candy (she actually sold 405), she was able to go for a 45 minute Limo ride, get greeted with a flower, walk down the red carpet and watch a Magic Show. Not to mention going up on stage to receive a Super Seller Patch, 300 Club Pin, and a Ty bunny to sign up on She didn't win the drawing for a week at camp, but she earned Candy currency which she can use to spend for camp. Oh, and the best part--her daddy (The Amazing Chris) was part of the magic show-thanks to Grandma Anne who couldn't climb the bleacher steps and made him sit in the front row, front and center. We all had a good time (except big brother Kelly-he wanted to leave before the awards were handed out-that's a brother for you). The next time you talk with Peggy, ask about her Limo ride but be prepared to have your ear talked off as she just can't stop talking about how much fun it was. Thought that maybe this was going to be her 1st and only, but now that she has had the taste, I think that she is even going to try to sell more next year.

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