Thursday, May 15, 2008

A New Twin Block

Yep, that's right. We have a new "Twin Block". No, we aren't talking engines but braces.
Kelly was fitted a couple of weeks ago for the 2nd phase of his braces. He had new molds made of his teeth and an apparatus called a "Twin Block" was made from the molds. This "Twin Block" is supposed to correct his severe overbite by bringing his lower jaw forward.
He has been counting the days until we got to pick it up. Well, today was the BIG DAY!!!!!!!!
We picked up his new purple "Twin Block" and left the purple "Husky" retainer at the orthodontist's office to dispose of.
It's kind of hard to get used to as it pushes his lower jaw way forward and really changes his profle. His new nickname is "Slurp" because he keeps slurping to keep from drooling !! He is to wear it 24/7 but he has to get used to eating with it in. Which proved to be too difficult tonight at dinner. One of the assistance offered us her rule that she had for her daughter when she wore this type of device: You can't take it out while eating unless you have your storage container with you, NO wadding up in napkins.
Check out the profile shots and the Twin Block itself (the 2 piece retainer looking thing above his old retainer). Just click on the photo for a larger view.
Have a happy day, and oh...the next time you talk to Kelly have him recite his phone number--it sounds really funny-and wait for the slurp :o)

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