Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playground Fun (not really)

Wow!! Can I say that my life is in full swing right now and I don't know when it will stop? Work is busy hectic--we are soooo far behind that I have people that have been waiting to see me for a month now! It will be getting better soon, as we have a couple of OT's that are beginning to be able to see patients (finally) as part of their orientation--Yeah!! I give up my repeat visits and take on the new evals.

Anyhow.....Chris has been plugging along 10 hr days M-Th and 8 hr days Fri and Sat. and this week he is working Sunday all day for a crane pick. So he really doesn't get home until 5pm or so and is exhausted.

Kelly's schedule is still in the works...Grandma wants him to come to her house instead of ours or Griffin's when he gets off school. That would be fine and dandy but the kid has to work on his time management (okay, he gets it from his mom) and if he has tons of homework, he needs to start it at Grandma's (either that or practice his trombone)....not play with Marley, not sit and snack for 45 minutes, and definitely no TV. We also need to talk to Grandma too about our expectations of Kelly. She doesn't think that he needs that much homework (challenge classes are too much at this age) and shouldn't be carrying around such a heavy backpack to and from school...At least when I was Kelly's age, I came home to an empty house and was expected to practice my flute for 30-45 mins (before my dad came home-he didn't like hearing it) and get my homework done and finished before I could do anything else. I did do a good job then at time management, but it is now it sucks!

Also, Grandma wants Peggy to come home from school to her house rather than me picking her up at school. It's a transition thing with takes me 20-30 minutes to pick up the kids from mom's. They don't have their shoes on, they want to finish the snack they started 20 minutes ago, or "mom, look what Marley can do today!" And sometimes, I have homework I need to finish before dinner. Crazy, crazy!!

Peggy's got soccer at 5 pm Tue/Thurs and games on Saturdays. Makes it hard on the dinner schedule. And she began Campfire meetings on Mondays from 3:30 to 5 pm this week.

Kelly has trombone practice at 6 pm on Tues--so Chris gets the privilege of taking him cause I'm still at soccer practice.

I now get up between 5:45 am and 6:00 am to leave the house by 6:20 to take Kelly to "band class before school" otherwise know as "Jazz Band" or "Stage Band" as I called it 30 years ago and keep trying to call it that now. Kelly keeps correcting me on the term, so I have settled and just call it "band class before school". He's the only 6th grader in there as he has had a year's jump start on playing than all the other 6th graders.

We are going to go to our first Husky game this weekend!! A 7pm game at Husky Stadium. We will be meeting up the the Arnold's to tailgate and then head into the game. It will be a LONG day for Chris who will be getting up at 4am to go to work.

Jumping off the swing to have some fun.

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