Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Year and A New Beginning.....

Okay, I know that it is Feb 1 already and I haven't posted for over a month. Lots has been happening so give me a break!

1.) construction was started and completed on our covered BBQ area and new roof over the laundry room/back entry. Still have to paint posts and underside of roof.

2.) A new wall, new carpet, new paint, new furniture arrangement, and a new TV in the family room. A family affair. Still slowly moving things back downstairs, purging as I go along.

3.) Following a Dream. Yep, I'm following a dream that I have had for about 20 years. I am going to go to work for Providence Children's Center at the Providence Pavilion for Women and Children in Everett. After 9 years with Providence Hospice and Home Care, I am taking on a new job. I have dreamt of working for PCC ever since doing clinical fieldwork there during my OT schooling. I opened up an "in-house" job openings email for Providence and saw the position. I called on it, had a meet and greet, and was being called to "turn in your resume so we can offer you a job". I think it was meant to be. I start on Tues. Feb 2.

4.) Attending "Award Ceremonies" at the middle school--Kelly made honor roll (as many of his View Ridge classmates did like Jill and Jessica, Cody, Jeremy, and too many more to mention) and he received one of the first "HIP Award" of this sixth grade class. HIP stands for Helpful, shows Initiative, and shows Progress. Each of the 6th grade teachers are asked to nominate 1 or 2 students who meet this criteria. Well, Kelly was nominated by his band teacher, Mr. "G", and his buddy Griffen, was nominated by his Choir teacher. I've now nicknamed them the "Music Men".

5.) Our bathroom remodel begins on the 9th of Feb. Can't wait to get it started as we have all the supplies stashed where ever in the house there is a place for them. Living room is storing a 6' long double vanity and 400 or so sq feet of tile for the floor and shower surround. I've got boxes of mirrors, lighting, faucets, drains, and a fan taking up half of my laundry area. My mom just rolls her eyes every time she comes here, especially when we had all the furniture from the family room stacked in the living room while the carpet was laid. Hopefully by March, everything will be in place with a place for everything.

6.) The Campfire Candy Sale started. You know what that means.....making sure that Peggy sells all the Candy she checked out. She doing well--anyone want some Mints, Almond Carmel Clusters or Peanuttles....give us a call.

Soooo, if I don't post for awhile, you know what's going on.

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ajneedhams said...

Congrats on your new job, Ann!!

Amy N