Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Remodel Part One

This was our bathroom on Sunday 2/8/09:

This was our bathroom on Monday, 2/9/09--Fixtures, walls and ceiling gone to expose the "EEEWWWW" around the window and that outside wall. I'll spare you the close up of the EEEWWWW. It was Nasty! Found all kinds of interesting wiring things going on inside the walls....exposed, bare wires just dangling, wires taped and shoved into the wall space. Just lots and lots of code violations. It's a miracle that it never caught on fire. With as messy as the bathroom wiring was, I really don't want to think about the rest of the house. Old entry wall now gone and will be moved to match up with the hallway wall.

Tuesday, 2/10/09---New framing up for the entrance to the bathroom and all dry rot removed and replaced with fresh, brand new wood! Floor was stripped to the floor boards and revealed a nice big hole of dry rot right where the toilet sits.
This shot above is facing the new entry wall from where the tub will be. The "new" framing on the left now closes off the kitchen. There will be another wall going across the room with a pocket door just this side of that plumbing you see coming out of the wall to close off the toilet and tub from the double vanity area

This is the view just outside the "new" doorway into the vanity area.
Chris now wants radiant heat on the floors after he talked with someone at work today. I tried to mention it at the planning stages but no, he said we didn't need it.
Ever changing plans...good thing Norm is flexible.
BTW all construction being completed by Craftwood Construction, LCC.
We have been very happy so far.

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