Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Mid chew

The Gangs all here:
L to R: Caleb (Joe's girfriend's grandson), Sofia, Madelin, Emilia in front of her, giant Kelly in the back, Peggy, Riley, and Audrey

Easter festivities started Friday night with the building and decorating of a "Bunny House" by Kelly and Peggy. Ended with blue and yellow frosting all over and tummy's full of jelly beans. We did learn that the orange colored jelly beans from the "Spice" flavored ones don't taste good at all. licorice, purple-clove, and red-cinnamon from the "spice" collection and the orange and yellow from the "Speckled" flavored ones.

Saturday the Easter Baskets found their way down from the attic to the kitchen table before bedtime to assure that the Easter Bunny would find them and fill them. And fill them and hid them he did.
Peggy was the first one up and visited us in our room around 7:15 very excited and wanting everyone up. We told her to go back to bed for a little bit because Kelly was still sleeping. A voice then was heard from Kelly's room, "It's not 8:00 yet!" Took the kids a good 15 or so minutes of looking, getting frustrated, and when Peggy went to get some shoes on to go outside to look, she found hers in her bedroom and Kelly got the hint and found his in his room. The Easter Bunny was pretty sneaky and brave while hiding baskets during the night. Good thing Daddy had cleaned her room on Saturday--I don't think the E.B. would have made it out alive or without a GPS!

Teresa and Shane hosted an egg hunt for all the cousins at their home. We braved the rain and cold and the kids found lots of eggs full of candy. The kids all enjoyed seeing and playing with each other and Kelly as always, had his little shadow (the only other boy cousin) Riley attached to him. The kids had fun, just wish the weather would have been more cooperative.

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