Monday, March 30, 2009

Diggin' It

The quest for Razor Clams.....
Griffin, Linda, Kelly, Chris, Peggy's arm
Day 2

Team Work!
Kelly and Griffin

Watch those waves, Griffin, they'll take you away!

Kelly wanted to spend Spring Break with his grandparents but they were planning on camping on the coast for a couple of weeks, so we took Kelly to meet up with them. Since Kelly was going to be gone for most of his break, we brought his friend Griffin with us. We spent the weekend camping at Pacific Beach with Grandma and Grandpa Grounds. It turned out to be open for Razor Clamming.

Day 1: Up at 6:30 am to be down at the beach at 7:30 (low tide was around 8:30 am). Woke to Rain/Snow mix, wind, and freezing cold temps (which I am sure were below freezing with the wind chill). Oops, Kelly forgot his RAIN COAT and HAT instead brought 2 pair of RAIN PANTS-turned out to be a good thing for Griffin...bad for mom-she gave up her Rain Jacket to her son and opted for an umbrella to protect her camera. Well, turns out, we did not keep Kelly's old Rain Jacket for Peggy in the trailer, so crafty mom fashioned one out of a garbarge bag for her. For about 3 and a half hours we hunted for razor clams--now mind you, none of us had done this before and we were using borrowed equipment. Ended up with about 7 or 8 total. People around us were getting their limit of 15 in no time at all but they all knew what they were doing. Soaking wet, numb up to their knees, and ice cold hands ended the hunt. Not so fun. Kids came up and changed out of wet sandy clothes, warmed up by playing card and board games, then went outside to ride their scooters in the rain while wearing garbage bags for the rest of the day. Some of us (not me or Peggy) tried fresh fried clams with dinner. Ended with a belated birthday party for Peggy (and Griffin too) with cake and ice cream.

Day 2: Woke to sunny skies, a little wind, still brrrr freezy cold, and still at Pacific Beach (Aunt Jami thought the wind was going to take the trailer to Oz during the night--VERY VERY WINDY). Oh yeah, an extra hour of sleep--the low tide was about an hour later. Found out borrowed equipment was illegal (too small) so purchased the right stuff. Armed with new clam guns, ditched the buckets and went with bags (an observation of the experienced clam diggers), and a little bit more knowledge, hit the beach again. This time (still armed with her camera), mom became the official "dimple in the sand" sighter....Here's one.....Over here, Chris, here's another..."Do I have to follow you all over the beach?" "Well, do you want me to point them out for you?" Just ask Chris how many he found on his own. Griffin dug up a clam--much easier to do today then yesterday, trying to keep buckets from floating away. Peggy got a clam, Kelly got 2, Chris and Linda I think 3 each. Chris cleaned the clams while I attempted to take the kids kite flying-spent more time detangling than flying. Kids got bored with kites that didn't fly so well in strong winds and went and rode scooters--except Kelly who got a lesson in flying a stunt kite. Stayed and enjoyed the sunny day and participated in a kind of "Soup progressive dinner" with Poppa Mike and Grandma Linda's HAM radio friends.

I like this stunt kite, this is fun!

Let's Go Fly A Kite.........

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Meggie said...

Yikes, up early, freezing rain and snow...for vacation?! But it looks like you crazy cats had a fantastic time regardless! K & P are getting so grown up!!!!!!!!!