Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bloggin' Before Work

Found this folded and laying on the kitchen table after taking Kelly to jazz band this morning. Hmm...why was he keeping this?? Two snippets on this page, "Build a catapult" and "Tell Elks about a wonderful mom". Oh, isn't this sweet, he is going to enter an essay about how wonderful I am for a chance to win a Mother's Day brunch. How thoughtful. NOT...the essay is for 4th graders, he is in the sixth grade and his sister is in the 3rd grade. Nope, thats not it. He doesn't think that he is a good writer (his dad, my mom and I think he is-and his teachers too) and he thinks it is very hard, so even if he was in the 4th grade, I don't think he would do it. NOPE, not at all. He is interested in building catapults! That's right, my science lovin', invention making kid wants to volunteer next fall to help design, build, and run catapults shooting pumpkins across corn fields! You go kid! After all the Myth Busters, Junk Yard Wars (when he was 2), Dirty Jobs, Monster Garage, and other "educational/science" shows, he's got it in him. I'm behind you all the way. But just know this, when you are at that corn field flinging pumpkins, after I take a few photos, I'll be sitting in the car where the rain can't get me.

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