Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keeping up with the LOADSTERS

It's May 21st and I have completed 21 scrapbooking layouts this month!! Been staying up way to late to meet the deadline, but loving the results.

Been busy around concerts, dentist appointments, eye appointments, sick kids, Kelly's Middle School Learning Portfolio Presentation next week, getting ready to go camping over the Holiday weekend, Campfire Council Fire and Club camping at Killoqua last weekend, and a photo shoot. And this is just the beginning of the chaos at the end of the school year.

Funny story about the photo shoot. Taking pictures of my friend's son who is graduating in a couple of weeks down at the beach. Saw some logs, so "let's go over there". I made fun of how gingerly he was transversing the logs while he got into position. I start snapping away, changing my position every few clicks when I step on a log and it bounces, startling me. I make note of it and continue to click away changing my position. Well, all of a sudden, that same log moves again and down I go over the logs. Scraped my forearm and my ankle landing in a heap on the ground, but by God, saved the camera and the lens! Whew! Then while laughing it off and trying to get up, my body decides to let off a little steam if you know what I mean. LOL The more I laughed the more "steam" I let off. Thank goodness, Derick is a very close friend. I was embarrassed, but had it been someone I was meeting for the first time, I would have been mortified! Here are some shots from that shoot:

I'm learning how to edit and correct for color in Photoshop and was playing around with some Photoshop Actions. It's a lot of fun.

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