Friday, July 24, 2009

To The Market, To The Market, a Jiggity Jig!

I do believe that summer is flying by! Been awhile since I blogged, sorry about that. I was told by a 12 yr old that I had better update my blog, so here I am.

I have designated Mondays this summer as "Fun Day Monday". This last Fun Day Kelly, Peggy and I went to Pike Place Market 1) to pick up some Market Spice Tea 2) to get some teeny tiny champange grapes (like we had at our wedding) and 3) to get an inexpensive but gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a small bunch of sweet peas.

We also got to see some flying fish (I caught one on camera-but not a good shot), play with live crayfish, and tease Peggy. It was a fun day.

Stay tuned for more on Fun Day Monday and our other summer adventures.

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