Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer's Slippin' By....

Summer is flying by. I can't believe it is August already!
What a hot and sunny summer we have had.
Take 1 dad, 2 kids, 2 tarps, 1 sprinkler, and some dish soap
and you have the perfect way to cool down
when it is 100 degrees out!
Came home from work the other day to see this!
Took a few pictures and then I joined in the fun!

Been camping with some friends lately and had a great
time. Had a scavenger hunt, did some "hiking", and
cooled down in Newhalem Creek. It was fun.

August brings the count down to "back to school".
Peggy's soccer practices have started back up 2 days a week.
She has her first soccer tournament to play in (no score kept-
just play for fun) and a soccer camp to attend. She also will be going
to a Horse Day Camp at Langs Pony Farm through the YMCA for
a week, with a one night stay at the farm she is so excited.

Kelly is all done with his Jazz Band Camp and did great!
He stood up in front of an audience at two different concerts
and played a solo. We then got to see him lead all the brass
during a brass "showcase" while still playing his trombone.
We are very proud of him and I think he is proud of himself too.

Kelly has orientation in the middle of the month to get his
classes/teachers, his locker assignment, and his school pictures
for his ASB card. This is where he gets to practice opening
his locker and going to his classes. Poor kid has been having
nightmares that he cannot find his classrooms and ends
up in his old school building.

We will update again soon.
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Linda G said...

We also enjoyed camping with you and your family over the 4th of July at Lincoln Rock!!! That didn't get a mention (((... and... grandma and grandpa did come across the state especially for Kelly's Summer Jazz Band Concert. And we really did enjoy it!!! WTGGGG KELLY!!!! Love you all

Grandma Linda