Sunday, September 27, 2009

When it Rains it Pours....

And no, I am not talking about the Mortin Salt Girl. I'm telling ya that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy's Law I think.

Okay, you heard about our flood on 9/3/09. While it was drying out we went camping to Salmon La Sac with Mike, Linda (Chris' folks), and his sister Jami. Well, we just about got flooded out there too. It rained all weekend, with maybe a few times that it stopped long enough to go and see the swimming hole. For those of you familiar with Pemco Ins.' Blue Tarp Camper, well, we were the gray tarp, blue tarp, and EZ up campers! Chris dug trenches around the campsite to keep the water flowing and not puddling at our feet or putting out the campfire. It was a wet weekend but a fun one. Oh, and we had visitors to our campsite. Check out the photos.

We came home to a basement that was still drying out. The kids' first day of school was Wednesday, the 9th of Sept. Managed to get a picture of Peggy on the first day, but no luck on the 7th grader, but at least he wasn't wearing stripes with plaid. Both kids are still loving school, well, kind of. Kelly's challenge block teacher likes to give a lot of homework-even on the weekends.
The flooded family room and powder room have finally dried out. Everything got ripped out that was on the floor but the carpet was saved. All our big furniture is at the facility that did the dry out. The insurance adjuster came and gave us an estimate for the "restoration" that both Chris and I shook our heads at thinking, there is no possible way that we would be able to put things back to what they were with that estimate. The drier outer company can not do the "restoration" because they did the "mitigation". So we had a few estimates completed and decided to have our contractor that remodel our bathroom do the work. They should start on the family room Tues or Wed. Hopefully it will be done by the weekend. Oh, the adjuster has sent us another check to cover the difference between his and Norm's bid.

Chris and Peggy were the lucky ones who got to go to the USC game. We had won a "Husky Band Experience" at a silent auction for the Husky Band so all of us had planned to go. However,
Kelly decided that he wanted to have an appendectomy instead of going to the game. (Okay, he didn't plan being sick or having surgery for that matter).
He is doing well. He had the surgery on Sat, Daddy spent the night, and he came home Sunday afternoon. I kept him home from school and Monday and Tues just so that he could have a little bit of low time to recover. I did contact his teachers for homework though. He can't carry more than 15 lbs and that is just about how much is backpack weighs! I thinned it out by taking out about 5 lbs of notebook paper that was in his binder. For goodness sakes, he isn't going to go through no more that 10 sheets per class. He will follow up with the surgeon this week. He has three holes on his belly that are still covered with the hospital dressing. I think he is afraid that they will hurt when they come off. Oh, and he noticed that they shaved his belly to do the surgery.
I broke my foot (one of the cuboid bones) right after the Labor Day weekend. The plastic that the drier out guys put up to "maintain" the humidity in the family room had come undone and was be sucked into their machine. I started down our little stairs in my socks and slipped. I fell on my butt and was just thankful that I didn't throw my knee out again. I went to work but came home early after seeing the Employee health ARPN and having x-rays. It was hurting so bad by lunch time that I went to Employee Health to have it looked at. I was off my foot for the next 5 days and was able to go back to work with a fancy little boot on my foot. Then about a week later from the initial fall, I had a stiff neck that had pain radiating into my upper arm. Well, after seeing the walk in clinic, a chiropractor, and a massage therapist, they all agree that I probably have whip lash from my fall and the swelling is causing the pinched nerve. It hurts. So I have been off work this last week. I am feeling better, but the pain still comes and goes, but very much better than it was initially. I go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully can be released back to work. So these last 2 weeks have not been the most productive on my end.
Chris decided to hook up the big TV and Directv receiver in the naked family room so that he could watch the Husky game this weekend. (I think he was having TV withdrawals-since we haven't had a TV since the flood on the 3rd.) He also drug in our camping chairs and set them up in front of the TV. Well, the game wasn't worth watching because the Huskies lost, but there is next week. The Huskies play Notre Dame next weekend there. I know some relatives will be there but they will be rooting for the wrong team.
Go DAWGS, and lets hope all these "sicky" Grounds get back to 100%.

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