Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's 5:30 AM What have you done today?

Got up at 4:30 to the sound of my name being called by Chris in his "I'm gonna get sick, and you'd better come now!" voice only to find him sloshing through 2-3 inches of water in our family room. Yep, you know the one, it got new carpeting/padding, and a new paint job this last February!

Apparently our plumbing decided to fail us. The hose that supplies water to the toilet in our little bathroom decided to break at the connection to the toilet. Chris heard a noise when he got up for work and thought maybe something got stuck in the fan. Nope, sound wasn't the fan. Water was spraying out of the bathroom into the family room and there was 2-3 inches of standing water everywhere! He shut off the water and then "umm, what do we do?" Panic set in and we started to clean up and then realized there is nothing that we can really do but call the insurance company.

I've dug through paperwork with no luck looking for the insurance paperwork-that's what happens for being a dropout of an excellent online Paper Organizing class taught by my favorite Organizer, Ms. Aby Garvey. She's not to blame, I go all gung ho and then just came to a stand still after about the 2nd week. Anyway, I digress.

Resourceful me went online and found the number for our insurance claim service. I called where a nice "Barbara" cheerfully located our policy information and started our claim process. Which was then handed over to the adjuster at the Columbus Regional Office-where are the local peeps. Hello? I live in Washington State.

Received a call from the "Pros" for clean up and they will be here in a couple of hours. We have removed some of the removable stuff so that it wouldn't get damaged further. So now we wait. Wait for the "Extraction" team.

So what's a girl to do, but post her "experience" to share with everyone else. Have a great day-Mine can only get better!

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Jessica said...

Oh Ann, I totally feel for you guys! Hopefully this just means that October will be fantastic! I love your posts they are great! Hope evrything is ok now. Amy : )