Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Behind Already

Wow, December 2! I haven't even retrieved our advent calendar from our holiday storage area yet. I guess I get to put 3 stars up when I get it out tomorrow. I will have the kids draw toothpicks to see who gets the even days and who gets the odd days, I'm sure there will be a fight over it even doing it this way.

I've set some goals for myself for this month thanks to a blogging friend of mine. Writing them down and getting them out for everyone to see will hopefully keep me on track. Mind you, she challenged us last month and my goal for last month was to get the house ready for guests (hi Linda and Mike) for Thanksgiving. I broke it up into 5 goals. I had initially wanted to declutter many spaces but as the time grew closer, that didn't happen. So, I have "extended" a goal for this month. Here they are:

1) Start in on my paperwork clutter (actually complete Aby's Organize Your Paper Clutter class).This is kind of an extension of last month's goal of a clean entry/laundry room.

2) Have all Christmas shopping completed and wrapped by December 20 (that includes being Santa's helper with stocking stuffers).

3) Have tree and Christmas decorations up by December 12 (in time for soccer party).

4) Spend (2) 15 minute blocks of time a day picking up the house and getting the rest of the family to do so too (am and pm).

5) Complete some kind of Daily/Weekly December/Holidays in Hand project.
That's it folks...I'll update once a week to let you know how I am doing.

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alexandra s.m. said...

Thank You for your comment! All the supplies I'm using for my d.D are from My Little Yellow Bicycle's 25 Days of Christmas. Thank you so much for your interest ;-)