Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Digits

Peggy was so excited to turn 10 that she set her alarm clock to go off at 2:47am on 3/10/10, the time at which she was born. I heard it, she didn't and I don't think anyone else in the house did.
She was given her first birthday wish as her daddy kissed her goodbye when he left for work at 5:15 am. He also left her a Happy Birthday wish on the dry erase board on the fridge.

Birthday brownies frosted with pink frosting were made and taken to school. Dinner was her choice at Red Robin with grandma, daddy, mommy, and Kelly. She received a DSi from all of us for her present (Daddy doesn't like it-doesn't think she needs it). She has only put it down to sleep and eat! We will be setting time limits by tomorrow. A birthday party with friends will be happening next weekend and a belated celebration with Grandma Linda, Poppa Mike, and aunt Jami will happen when they get back from St. Thomas.

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