Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a wonderful life...

I have to say it truely is a wonderful life. I have to count my blessings. I've got a wonderful hubby, 2 great kids, a home, a job, and some great hobbies.

Spring is on its way. Beautiful and sunny today (some places nearby it's snowing). Looking out my back window I see lots of flowers in bloom (shutting my eyes to the junk around the yard) and more coming up through the dirt, no wait, oops those are weeds. Sunshine just makes me more energetic.

Busy planning a 10 yr old girl's birthday party--"It's a Sleepover *Almost". Giggley girls will be going home around 10 pm I hope.
Homemade invites

A friend had a baby girl that I get to take newborn photos of so I have made some cute little photo props (and a little something else that I can't share here-she might see it)

Music concerts are in full swing between All State Band, Everett Youth Symphony Orchestra, Middle School Band, and Jazz Band! Don't let me mention all the practices we go to ;o). But I wouldn't have it any other way!

There's been a bout of "New" around here: New Family Desktop (built by my nephew, Geoff), a new kitchen table and chairs (thanks to Pottery Barn's Clearance), and a New iPod Touch-wish it were mine, but no, Kelly "traded in" his old Nano and bought it with his own money. Did you know that you can go on facebook, check emails, and text for free from the Touch? I can't get it out of his hands, but now I haven't heard him ask for a cell phone in the last week or so.

One last thing...I've been banned from the Mall by Chris. It's all Kelly's fault that I went into Pottery Barn when we went to the Apple Store to have his Nano looked at. If I'm banned from the Mall, I won't spend anymore money he thinks........ to deliver birthday cupcakes to campfire!

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