Thursday, April 22, 2010

Enough with the Camera Already

I've been taking LOTS of pictures and trying to capture "us" in the pictures. I got the "Enough with the camera already, Mom! (add a slight bit of early teen attitude) Why are you taking so many pictures?"
Well, my dear son, it is because of this : A Week In The Life.

I have decided to play along with my cyber scrapbooking friends and am committing myself to doing this. It is capturing a typical week in our life, focusing on everyday things that make our life. Something that to us right now seems mundane and boring, but years from now, it will be fun to see what we did, who we were, where did we go, when we did things, and why we did them.

I've got two cameras going and even given Chris and Kelly their own photo assignments (haven't seen if they followed through yet). I'm taking a little point in shoot in my purse to capture places that I go and I've got the 50D out and ready to go while I'm at home. I am evening using a self timer to get into the shots. So I will leave you with some photos to show you what we have been up to.

Peggy's Lunch                                                                 Mowing the Lawn (Kelly's job)
Lots of Make Up Homework
Yes it really was 70 on Monday
On the way to Everett Youth Symphony
On Way to school Tues Morning
It's what's for dinner
Checking blogs and emails--seeing other's take on this project:

That's it for now! Watch for the completed project in May!


Anonymous said...

Nice Wieners Chris

aby said...

This is such a fun project. My kids were quite the same---not quite getting it. But last night Kailea said she'd like a camera for Christmas. I think this is a good sign. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

What fun! I love the picture of your husband when he is making dinner. How funny is that face? He is like 'why in the world does she keep taking my picture?' I know because I see that face ALL THE TIME! : )