Sunday, August 1, 2010

Holy Cow--it's the end of July already!!

Boy does time fly when you are busy and having fun! Life has been full and good since I last posted! We have started the camping season, both kids are finally out of school (their first full week off included July 1st!), Kelly is in Jazz camp, and Peggy is counting the days until she heads to Horse camp through the YMCA.

We have been out camping with the Grounds Grandparents and Aunt Jami twice. Camping at a new place for us, Wenatchee Confluence State Park, and an old favorite, Salmon La Sac (lucky for us, it was a DRY camping trip this time compared to last year). Chris and I and the kids spent a weekend at Fort Eby with Marley. Family time is important and we cherish the time we spend together.
Dad and Son
Decorating 4th of July Shirts
Poppa had a fun time.
Cool USA birthday shirts, individually designed and decorated.

I've been busy with photo shoots--(the school carnival, the 8th grade graduation dance, a couple of very sweet little girls and a beautiful family) and learning more about photography. Getting excited about a wedding reception of some friends that I am going to shoot.

My brother Tim and his wife, Maureen, trailered his motorcycles from WI to BC for a rally and then did a swing into WA to visit family. Chris and I hosted the family at our house for an afternoon BBQ and a chance for Tim and Maureen to meet the next generation of cousins. It was a beautiful day and we had tons of fun. We were missing a few of the cousins. Missing were Christine's daughter Bridget and her husband who live in Hawaii;  Bert's wife Nuria and oldest daughter Sofia (8) attending a family wedding in Mexico; Cathy's oldest, Todd and his family who live in Colorado: and Teresa's oldest, Audrey (13) who went rafting with friends.
L>R: Tim, Joey, Gary (Christine's Hubby), Christine, and Maureen with her back to me.

Bert (Christine's Son) and his littliest, Grace

Geoff (Cathy's youngest) got soaked by his son, Riley

Riley, Son of Geoff, and Cathy's grandson
Riley (Geoff's son) and Emelia (Bert's middle daughter) enjoy some bubbles.
Teresa, Christine, Shane, Chris, and Bert
Chris and I
Maureen, Gracie, Grandma Anne, Christine, and Emilia
Shane and my Peggy (10)
Maureen, Cathy, and Tim
Shane (Cathy's Son-In-Law, Teresa's hubby), My Chris, and Bert

Madelin (9 on 8/4), Teresa's and Shane's youngest

The BBQ was a great success, yummy food, great weather, and a wonderful time cathcing up with everyone!! 
Edited: It is now Aug 1st and we have had another family gathering, this time with Chris' Dad's sister and her husband. Pictures have not been uploaded to the computer yet but when they do, I will post. We had a very nice visit with Aunt Marsha and Uncle Joel. Jami and my mom came over too. Although the weather wasn't that wonderful, we still enjoyed visiting in our backyard and eating outside at a table set for 10. Mike and Linda came over for Kelly's final jazz camp concert, staying with us in the "hotel Salem, penthouse suite". Chris got Mike busy on the carport (which is just about finished except for some ridge cap and the siding that is going on the end rafter) and some work on the Chevy. After a couple of "shocking incidences" Mike had wired the security lights to the carport. He's movin' a bit slow today but he still had it in him to go to Jami's for a couple of projects for her.

Yesterday, Chris and I celebrated 17 years of marriage by having family over and watching the Seafair Torchlight Parade. Maybe we will get to have a date, just the two of us soon.
Kelly heads to Spokane with Mike and Linda tomorrow for a 10 day stay and then we switch kids and Peggy is with them for a week. I think we are in for some quiet (no siblings fighting) days ahead. I know they will enjoy being apart, but I think they will miss each other too.

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