Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall is Here

With the cooler temperatures and rain comes back to school, soccer practice, soccer games, tailgating at home Husky games, Everett Youth Symphony rehearsals, trombone lessons, and an end to camping.
Kelly and Peggy both are in their last year at their respective schools. Kelly is in the 8th grade this year and Peggy in the 5th.
(I really dislike flash but at 6:30 in the morning on a gloomy, rainy morning doesn't give me many options.)

Peggy's soccer is back into full swing! With some girls moving on to select teams and others looking at different activities, our team joined with another to form one large team. They chose the name "Wolverines" at our annual pre-season BBQ. (Kelly seems to think they named themselves after his latest facial feature.) They are playing more girls on the field and a bigger field this year. Sunday was Peggy's first game and for the first time ever, scored a goal. As a defender, she is usually in the backfield defending the goal. While defending, she got the ball and saw an opportunity to take it all the way and that she did, being challenged, she stayed focused and ended up scoring.
Go Peggy Go
Husky Football is well underway. The first away game happened while we were out camping at a campground with electricity and an open view of the southern sky which means we were able to watch via satellite and a 13 inch TV. The way that Chris and his Dad were bundled up, you would think they were watching a November game. A few people from other campsites would stop by to check the action. Unfortunately, the Huskies lost to BYU.

Go Huskies Go
Our first home Husky game found us tailgating with the Arnold's and other friends and also a Win for Coach Sark and the Huskies! The coach wants to win all home games this year...that would be awesome!

Kelly had his auditions for Everett Youth Symphony Orchestra yesterday. He is in the Junior Orchestra this fall and Fall concert but will be playing up in the Youth Orchestra for the Winter concert. He plans to audition for All State Junior Band again this year and is already practicing (audition tapes go in pretty soon). Jazz Band starts up next week so we will be getting him to school by 6:30am every Wed, Thurs, Friday. He is very excited about his music.

We are almost done camping. We have an outing planned for the end of the month to our favorite place (Newhalem) and have invited some friends. I have a very suspicious feeling that our friends won't make it, so it will be just us. Then we have one more the 1st weekend in October where we were invited by some other friends to go quading with them again. That should be a lot of fun! Then it will be time to park the good ole trailer under the new carport for the winter.

Looking forward to a great fall!

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