Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where Does Time Go????

Can you believe it? Summer is almost gone!! Where did it go? We've spent time camping with friends and with family, enjoying our sunny weather, working, and playing.

Kelly has his 6th grade orientation on Tues where he will get his schedule, his locker # and combination, his ASB card, his pictures taken, and practice going to classes--all this, within 3 weeks of finding out that he was NOT even registered for middle school!! Little did I know that because we were on a variance with View Ridge, I needed to let the school know what middle school he was to attend-even though it was the same one as the kids at View Ridge. I found all of this out after stopping at the school to check on office hours so that I could find out if Kelly was going to be in any challenge classes next year. Many of his friends had found out the week before through letters home. The principal was there and looked and could not find Kelly enrolled! She took my number and called me the very next day to say that he was dropped from enrollment for some unknown reason. Anyhow, he is all signed up and is in challenge block (reading/writing/social studies); challenge math, and playing the trombone in band.

Peggy on the other hand has begun soccer practices Tue/Thurs from 5 to 6 in the evening. She is getting excited to start Campfire. And after a long wait, has had her appeal for variance to attend View Ridge approved! Now we need to get her signed up at View Ridge and placed (I hope) into Mrs. Albert's class.

Chris is on his new jobsite (at a Children's Hospital Facility downtown Seattle) and is working 10 hour days M-Fri and will most likely be working Saturdays that he doesn't have anything planned (camping trips, home Husky games).

Me, well, being productive scrapbooking, putting together little "photo album scrapbooks" in my online class; trying to take more photo's and learning to "tweak" them just a bit in Photoshop like the professionals do; and working!! Our census at work has gone from 300 to over 550 patients on services from last year this time and we are DOWN an OT. So, at least I can say that I have job security.

I will leave you with this:

Happy 15th Anniversary


(taken 8/2/08)

Yes, they did hold hands briefly. How nice to see them helping each other!!
This was our actual anniversary evening ;o)
Who knew we would be celebrating at our kids' Orthodontist's Skating Party!

Our latest camping trip--Gold Basin Campground
Kelly's twin block I think needs the nickname
"mad block" because he always looks mad.

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