Thursday, September 4, 2008

School's In Session

Yep, that's more kiddo's at home on my day off--oh, did I just say that? oops.

Kelly started middle school this year at Evergreen Middle School (I went there too). He actually road the bus to school and believe or not...I did not go up to the school to take pictures. I said my goodbye and good luck at the bus stop and I got this....

That's Kelly in the green shirt!

I heard some noises on the bus as I was taking the picture (whoops and hollers) and I thought to myself..what did I just do? Did I put a target on Kelly's back to get teased about his "mommy" at the bus stop with him? I hope not and he didn't say that anyone gave him any guff. Whew!

He had homework the first day but that should have been expected looking at his class schedule. He has Challenge Block (writing, reading, and social studies), Challenge Math, Science, health and playing the trombone in band. I don't think that he will have a problem, we just need to get him to manage his time.

Little Miss Peggy isn't so little anymore. Just look at her on the first day of 3rd grade...

Does she look anything like me?
After sitting on pins and needles this summer waiting to hear the answer to our appeal for variance denial she is enrolled at View Ridge and is in Mrs. Harris' class. Mrs. Harris is a Mickey Mouse fanatic and Peggy gets to earn Mickey Money to spend on classroom auctions.
We will be taking Peggy's Wizard of Oz collection to display in the Library's Display case. That's what I get to do tomorrow, on my day off, along with the bazillions of errands, shopping at Costco, laundry, and cleaning!! Wish me luck and wish the kids well this year in school.


ajneedhams said...

Hi Ann-

Great update. I don't think Jill and Kelly have a single class. Ah...gone are the days. Jill is playing flute. She had an absolute awesome first day. Not sure about math...thinks it will be hard. She has both challenges too. The biggest obstacle she has is being tired. First day was okay but she has been dragging since Thursday. Glad this is a 1/2 week.

Good luck to Peggy. I am going to pick up Avery every once in awhile instead of bus otherwise I may go through V.R. withdrawal from not seeing everybody anymore.

Avery is going to the Husky game Saturday and is pretty stoked.

See you soon


Anonymous said...

They both look like happy campers, but that is not surprising considering the fine set of parents they have been given. Any mother who takes the time to place all those wonderful collection items so lovingly in the VR display case is certainly worthy of not having children at home on her day off! Make sure you enjoy the solitude of next week's day off. :)