Sunday, March 1, 2009

Remodel Update 1

WOW!! Things sure went fast that first week now it seems to be dragging along. Going on week 4 of going to Mom's and showering--the boys in the evenings and us girls in the mornings. Mom is ready to have her bathroom to herself again!

It is beginning to look like a bathroom....the wiring done, the plumbing done, the walls framed and rocked, ceiling replaced, everything painted, and the tile set. The doors and casing are going in tomorrow and the tile will be grouted and the tile baseboard finished in the next few days. Plumbers are scheduled to return on Wed and we should be able to use the shower that night!!!

Sorry about no pictures--I'm blogging on the family desktop rather than my laptop and I have no pictures on this computer and the reason I'm blogging with the desktop......well, my laptop has decided to have "display driver" problems and has not the dreaded blue screen...but the BLACK screen! Dell is sending me a box to send the laptop in to get fixed and then will send it back to me within 7-10 days.....and YES--I did back things up on Thursday!!!! At least my pictures and online classes.

Still living in chaos and counting the days until I have my house back. Getting excited.

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