Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Completed!!--well um almost

That's right folks--we can now take a shower or a bath in our own home! No more hosing down out in the yard or trekking the mile down to Grandma's to get clean. Yep, our bathroom remodel is completed, well sort of. The contractor and sub-contractors all did their parts...but Chris has some work yet to do. Ya know, we hired the work out so that it would be completely finished but we overlooked 1 thing. Why can't doors and trim come already painted?! And why didn't the contractor fill in the nail holes on the trim when he finished putting it up?

Double Vanity--girls to the left, jokers to the right..ohh I mean boys.

Closed Pocket Door to shower and toilet. Don't want someone to see you while you are taking a shower or using the pot while they wash their face and brush their teeth.

Opened pocket door--real shower rod and curtain yet to be hung--debating on getting a different curved rod but can't seem to find one sturdy enough for Chris (I don't know if he plans on doing chin ups on it or what).

Pretty tile work and pretty new faucets--questioning the shower head--very used to the hand held one. One type of hand held for the last 20 years or so...

A view from the pocket door looking at the new bifold doors to our closet and the door to the hallway. Oh, and one more thing...see that tile floor right there in front of the's heated! Yep, we splurged for toasty toes while we brush our teeth and get "all pretty".
To Do List:
Sand and Paint Trim Chris (he already filled in the holes)
Wipe Down and Paint Doors Chris (probably wants me to wipe them down)
Hang Curved Shower Rod Chris
Put up new Shower Curtain Ann
Finish Decorating Ann
Move Bathroom supplies back into bathroom Ann
Organize new drawers and closet Ann
Pick out Towel Rack Ann
Hang Towel Rack Chris
Purchase and Set up TP holder Ann
Initial cleaning of new tub, tile, floor, and vanity Ann
As you can see, we have been busy the last week moving in. But looking at our living room, it doesn't show it. So, this weekend, while Chris puts in and hooks up gauges in his truck, I am going to tackle the living room to see if I can make it "livable" and then it's off to the trailer to ready it for camping season!
Oh, the colors---the walls are "Chocolate Froth" by Behr and the doors and trim are going to be "pure white". We went with a neutral beige pallet for the tile. This is the decorative shower curtain a mix of light blue, sand, and brown.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a very nice installation which will bring many happy years of joy.

Poppa Mike

Mary said...

Good Job! You'll love the heated floors! MBRABR