Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Peggy

Okay, I'm a day late but we had a very busy day yesterday and birthday celebrations take precedent over the Internet!

My precious little baby turned 9 years old yesterday. She had 8 balloons (I ordered 9) delivered to her in class, Grandma Anne treated Peggy's class to pretty pansy cupcakes, and we went to The Red Robin for her birthday dinner where they treated her with a free Hawaiian Heartthrob instead of the free birthday sundae because of her milk allergy.

Peggy at Nine:

1) Loves horses or anything to do with horses.
2) Can't get enough of High School Musical One, Two, or Three--music CD or movie DVD
3) Favorite channel on TV is Animal Planet (with close running of Boomerang)
4) Favorite color is Blue
5) Favorite thing to do on the weekend is play on the Wii or play on the computer
6) Favorite sport is soccer
7) Doesn't want this information on the blog
8) Isn't into mommy taking her picture anymore
9) Has a very messy bedroom (but this can be said about the rest of the house too.)

Happy Birthday Peggy

I love you,

ps--no pictures, laptop is fixed (so Dell says) and on it's way back home though.

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