Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Camping With the Grounds

Newhalem Creek Campground
The Wirts (Brian, Kim, and Griffin) and the Millers (Amy and Jessica-Jackson was with his dad) joined us for a summer campout. We also invited Kylee (a friend of the family) to come along too.
We all had a blast! It was boys vs girls in a scavenger hunt-I need to remember to be more specific in the rules and directions the next time. Some cooling off action up at the creek...

Tug 'o War with Griffin. Peggy taking a dip with Kylee watching.

The Chef In The Woods (Chris) had some great sou chefs, Brian, Kim, and Kelly to help him with his gourmet meals. Amy brought some yummy fish that he cooked up along with chicken for dinner on Sat night. Anniversary roses (thanks Mary and Mike) adorned the dining table. The kids all pitched in to help set and clear the table.

Then there were the games...Jessica introduced us to a new one where we had to guess what we were by asking yes/no questions...This was funny and hard!
Then there was Kim's "snake bite". Read inch worm touching skin of foot. Oh and if you see Kim, ask her about walking in the dark.

All this excitement lead to one pooped pooch!

Stay tuned for more Grounds' Scraps of Life!

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