Saturday, August 29, 2009

School is Just Around the Corner

I can't believe how quickly August has flown by. 2 more days and then we are into Sept. and the start of school. The district and the teachers have reached a tentative agreement and school is set to begin on Sept. 9. There is definitely a Fall chill in the air, especially in the evenings and with these cooler evenings, the foliage is changing color FAST.

Soccer has been going full blast this last month and Kelly is getting ready to audition for the Everett Youth Symphony Orchestra. He has his school schedule and will be getting some exercise going upstairs/downstairs/upstairs/downstairs for classes the first half of his day and then ends his day with his challenge block classes. We hear that his block teacher likes to give out a lot of homework so he is going to have to really learn how to manage his time better.

Heading out for our last planned/reserved camping trip Labor Day Weekend to Salmon La Sac-one of our very favorite places to camp. Meeting up with Chris' folks and his sister too for the weekend. However, the weather doesn't look all that promising as some showers are predicted. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Spent a weekend camping with one of Chris' friends and his fiance's family at a group site not too far from here. It was fun. The kids had fun playing in the river-even the "big boys".

I'll leave you with some recent photos:

Grace Bone-Regan

4.5 mos old

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